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About Us
Delores Day
Executive Director

Delores was born & raised in the ghetto of Milwaukee, WI. At the age of 6 she was raped by
a couple of the neighborhood boys, one of which she had a crush on. He then convinced her
that that’s how you show love. Her sexual abuse continued until she was 16 not only by the
neighborhood boys but her brother and father as well. On her 16th birthday her father “sold”
her to his best friend.
She was then sent to an all-girls school and when it was time to leave she had the choice to
either go home or foster care so she chose foster care. Her foster family taught her what real
love was and that sex did not equal love. Sadly, once she left she ended up in relationships
with alcoholics and abusers.
She ended up getting married and had 2 daughters but the marriage ended badly and she went
through a horrible custody battle while she was pregnant with her son. After going totally
broke and now with a baby to care, she fell into her old ways and started working in exotic
clubs. During this time her father introduced her to what soon became her pimp. Delores
found herself close to death on many occasions, once by knife and another time by a gun in
her face but God spared her life from being taken. Her change came when she found out her
son was being sexually abused by her pimp’s nephew.
Her real change came when she realized she needed help for her and her son and at that time
there wasn’t help for the issues they were dealing with. That is how OKKids Corral was
started. She met with challenges in getting it started and was ready to give up but she felt
God’s prompting and didn’t give up.  We still are having some issues, even though we
changed the name of the organization to Restore Innocence Ranch.  
Delores has an Associate in Arts degree for Accounting and much later earned her Bachelor’
s degree in Business Administration.   The degrees are there to help bring Restore Innocence
Ranch a direction that will help the girls in the end.  Letting them know that they can do
anything as long as they “Believe” in themselves.
The reason I’m part of the C.A.T.C.H. Resources organization is because many of the girls
that are caught in Trafficking usually are those that come up Missing somewhere along the
way.  They run from home because of situations going through at home, usually some abuse
going on or just plain miscommunication with the rest of the family.  Or they are kidnapped by
the traffickers and sometimes disappear without a trace, very similar to what seems to have
happened to Alexis Patterson.